Revolutionizing subsea data collection
Experience the future of subsea exploration with our advanced AUV technology. Unrivaled performance, flexibility and intelligence all in one.
Scalable for any requirement
The modular feature of the H10 Advanced AUV is important as it allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in its use. The ability to easily swap out different components and payloads makes it easier to customize the AUV to suit specific mission requirements.
This means that it can be more cost-effective for clients, as they can use the same base vehicle for multiple missions, rather than having to purchase a new one each time. Additionally, the H10"s modular design also allows for easier maintenance and upgrades, making it more efficient and cost-effective to operate in the long run.
It also allows for easier transportation and deployment as well. Overall, the modular feature is key in making the H10 advanced AUV a versatile and reliable tool for various subsea tasks and operations.
Unsurpassed imaging capabilities
UAMTEC's advanced advanced technology are equipped with state-of-the-art camera technology, allowing for unparalleled image capture capability. Whether it"s capturing 4K high-resolution photographs or recording Ultra HD video footage, our cameras are designed to capture the most detailed and accurate images possible.
Our advanced image processing algorithms and real-time filters ensure that even in low visibility environments, the footage and images captured are clear and accurate. With our cameras, you can be confident that you"re getting the most detailed and accurate data possible to make informed decisions about your assets.
Integrated sensor technology: capturing the data you need, when you need it
The advanced AUV features state-of-the-art sensor technology that allows for accurate measurement of depth, altitude, pressure, temperature, power usage, conductivity, salinity, and pH levels. The sensors provide highly detailed data that can be used for a variety of applications, including shipwreck and marine park surveys, tunnel and pipeline inspections, and scientific research.
The in-built sensor technology allows for real-time monitoring of conditions and ensures that data is captured quickly and easily. With the ability to integrate a wide range of sensors, the advanced AUV is the perfect tool for any subsea mission.
Experience the underwater world in 360°
Enhance your subsea exploration with our advanced AUV"s 360-degree camera capabilities. View live feeds in stunning high definition and see every detail of your mission, from shipwrecks to inspections. Get a complete perspective with our cutting-edge technology.
Get a comprehensive overview of the H10 with our detailed Quad Chart. This chart provides key insights, features, benefits, and technical specifications to help you understand how the H10 can meet your needs. Click the link above to download and explore the innovative capabilities of the H10.
From subsea inspections to scientific research, our applications are limitless.
The Advanced AUV from UAMTEC has been designed to tackle a wide range of subsea tasks and environments, from tunnel and pipeline inspections, to research and oil and gas operations. With the ability to be outfitted with a variety of specialized sensors, this versatile vehicle can adapt to the specific needs of any mission and provide accurate and valuable data. Whether you need to survey a shipwreck or map a marine park reserve, the Advanced AUV has the flexibility to handle it all.
Tunnels & Channels
Tunnels & Channels
The Advanced AUV is the perfect solution for inspecting and surveying tunnels. Its modular design allows for easy customization to fit the specific needs of each tunnel environment, while its in-built sensor technology provides highly accurate data. With the ability to capture 360-degree imagery, the AUV can provide a comprehensive view of the entire tunnel, reducing the need for multiple inspections.