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Capture every detail with the BarrelEye: Ultra HD dive camera

The BarrelEye Dive camera system is the ultimate solution for commercial divers looking to capture high-quality, ultra HD imagery and video footage underwater.

Developed in collaboration with leading commercial diving companies and experts, this all-in-one camera and light system is designed to deliver crisp, high-resolution images and video footage, as well as depth and temperature readings, all in real-time.

The system is easy to assemble and operate, with a precision-engineered, rugged housing that can withstand even the most demanding underwater conditions. The Capture App, included with the purchase, allows for real-time streaming, recording, and photo-quality image capture, as well as real-time filters to improve visibility in low-light conditions. The integrated light and pressure sensor provides additional safety and measurement, while the easy to use interface allows for easy interpretation and manipulation of data. With the BarrelEye Dive, you can be sure you are capturing every detail, every time.

BarrelEye Dive
Model H-10

The H10: the modular solution for subsea missions

The H10 advanced AUV is a highly versatile and adaptable solution for subsea mapping, surveying and monitoring. With advanced technology such as machine learning, advanced processing capabilities, and high-yield power supplies, the H10 is able to perform a wide range of subsea services. Its modular design allows for ease of transport, maintenance and upgradability, while the bi-directional, self-aligning, rust-resistant, magnetically coupled data and power system allows for simultaneous charging and data upload.

The H10 is capable of customizing for a variety of missions and applications, it is able to perform even unusual and highly specialized tasks quickly and easily.

Advanced AUV
Model H-10

Exploring the depths, shaping the future

UAM Tec's mission is to provide state-of-the-art solutions for subsea and underground exploration, mapping and monitoring, utilizing advanced technologies such as vehicles, sensors, cameras and machine learning. We strive to make a positive impact on the preservation and management of our marine environments while providing efficient and cost-effective services, meeting the unique requirements of our clients and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in data collection and analysis.

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