Transforming our vision into reality

To make our underwater aspirations possible, leading engineers, oceanographers and AI specialists spent thousands of hours testing and iterating. Successfully launched, UAM Tec® V4 combines pioneering tech with ingenuity. Get a snapshot into its evolution.

Truly intelligent submarines

We’ve built Underwater Autonomous Mapping submarines that can navigate our oceans and waterways with unprecedented precision. Now we can start to truly explore. What species could we save from extinction? Imagine if we could aid search-rescues, build better ports or make mining exploration safer? Imagine no more.

Dive beneath the surface, exploration has begun
The UAM Tec® submarine launched on Tuesday 22 October 2019, diving into Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia. Watch the deployment video to see the beginning of a new age of precision underwater mapping. It’s just the beginning: we’ll go deeper and further than ever before.

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