BarrelEye BarrelEye

Ultra HD livestream dive camera

From still photography to high-definition video streaming, UAM Tec have developed commercial grade sub-sea cameras designed to mount seamlessly onto leading diving helmets. Our all-in-one BarrelEye® camera and light module can capture even the most intricate details, in the most challenging underwater environments.

BarrelEye Dive
Model H-10

A truly intelligent breed of AUV

The Model H10 advanced AUV brings together past decades of subsea robotics industry evolution, utilising leading edge sensor and camera technology, machine learning, advanced processing capabilities and high yield power supplies.

Advanced AUV
Model H-10

Journey beneath the surface

At the heart of UAM Tec is our mission to explore and better understand our oceans, lakes and waterways and in turn provide a wide array of efficient and cost effective services to map, survey and monitor subsea environments and structures.

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