Underwater Camera Systems
Solving Key Challenges in Underwater Inspections
Underwater inspections pose unique challenges that require specialized solutions to ensure accurate and reliable data collection. UAMTEC's BarrelEye Dive systems are engineered to address these challenges, providing divers and underwater operators with 4K high-resolution imaging and real-time data, even in the most demanding environments.

Key Challenges and Our Solutions

Challenge: Underwater environments often suffer from poor visibility due to sediment, algae, and low light conditions, making it difficult to capture clear images and videos.

Our Solution:

High-Intensity Lighting: BarrelEye Dive systems feature integrated lighting modules with up to 6000 lumen, illuminating even the murkiest waters.

Real-Time Filters: The Capture App enhances image clarity through real-time filters, improving visibility in challenging conditions.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Challenge: Collecting accurate and comprehensive data, including visual, depth, pressure, and temperature readings, is essential for thorough underwater inspections.

Our Solution:

Integrated Sensor Feeds: BarrelEye Dive systems provide real-time depth, pressure, and temperature readings alongside high-definition video, offering a complete picture of the underwater environment.

Multi-Sensor Integration: Seamlessly integrates various sensors to deliver detailed and reliable data.


Durability and Reliability

Challenge: Underwater equipment must withstand harsh conditions, including high pressure, corrosion, and physical impacts, while maintaining reliable performance.

Our Solution:

Rugged Design: Made from marine-grade hard-anodized aluminium, BarrelEye Dive systems are built to endure the toughest underwater conditions.

High-Performance Components: Advanced cameras and lighting systems ensure consistent performance and durability.

Ease of Use and Deployment

Challenge: Underwater inspection equipment needs to be user-friendly and quick to deploy to maximize operational efficiency.

Our Solution:

Plug-and-Play: BarrelEye Dive systems are designed for easy setup and use, requiring minimal training.

Versatile Mounting Options: Compatible with various dive helmets and ROVs, with custom brackets available for specific needs.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Challenge: Conducting underwater inspections can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring efficient solutions to minimize operational costs.

Our Solution:

4K high-resolution Imaging: Captures detailed images and videos, reducing the need for repeat inspections.

Efficient Data Collection: Real-time data streaming and logging streamline the inspection process, saving time and resources.

Why Choose UAMTEC's BarrelEye Dive Systems?

Innovative Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge technology to overcome underwater inspection challenges.

Comprehensive Solutions: Providing 4K high-resolution imaging and real-time data for a complete understanding of underwater environments.

Robust and Reliable: Ensuring durability and consistent performance in harsh conditions.

User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use and quick deployment, maximizing efficiency.

Experience the future of underwater inspections with UAMTEC's BarrelEye Dive systems, tailored to solve the toughest challenges and deliver accurate, reliable results.