Horizontal Inspections (Tunnels & Pipelines)
Comprehensive Solutions for Tunnel Inspections
At UAMTEC, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of tunnel inspections. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to provide accurate, reliable, and efficient inspections, and safety of tunnels. Our solutions leverage advanced technology and engineering expertise to deliver unparalleled results.

Multi-Sensor Data Integration

Integrating various sensor technologies, we provide:

Comprehensive Data Collection: Combine data from visual, sonar, and LiDAR sensors for a holistic view.

Enhanced Analysis: Use multi-sensor data to identify issues and anomalies.

Custom Reporting: Generate detailed reports tailored to the specific needs of each inspection project.


Before and after a repair- to determine the thickness of the new liner through the entire asset. The data was then verified with core samples - showing the data was correct.


1A = 54mm / LiDAR = RED(MAX Thickness-Anything over 37.51mm)

1B = 14.21mm / LiDAR = Yellow (12.51mm to 25mm) - there is also Green with in the frame and can be shown by taking measurement through the roughness (Green = 0 to 12.5mm).


High Resolution

4K high-resolution Imaging: Capture detailed images and videos of tunnel interiors for thorough analysis.

Navigation in Confined Spaces: Our products are designed to navigate tight and complex tunnel environments with ease.

Real-Time Data Transmission: Receive live data feeds for immediate assessment and decision-making.

Advanced Sonar and LiDAR Systems: Generate precise maps and models of tunnel sections.

Extended Battery Life: Ensure long-duration missions for comprehensive inspections.

Modular Designs: Customizable solutions to meet specific inspection needs.

Robust and Durable: Built to withstand harsh tunnel environments.


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